Ep.55: Making Room – Another Fight!

We fought over a diaper caddy which brought us to a Catholic lesson about the holidays!

Ep.54: Ryan & Lauren – Going the Distance

Tips from a long-distance marriage. My brother and his wife have learned how to make their marriage stronger while living far apart. It’s great to see how well they’re doing. Their relationship is going to go the distance!

Ep.53: Paul & Kathy – 37 Years and Counting

A little cheesy, but always sharp, Paul and Kathy give important lessons on how to have a long, connected, inspiring, and sometimes goofy marriage. And… it’s Megan’s parents!

Ep.52: Katie and Jeremy – Smokin’ Shoulders

Deciding on a vocation was the hard part. But once he decided, they both having been leading a marriage & family-life worth talking about. Today we talk with Katie and Jeremy Goebel: close friends, Hazel Belle’s Godparents, and someone we look up to!

Ep.51: Flee Debt? Flee America!

Some people go to extremes to avoid their responsibilities.

This man fled! And there others doing the same exact thing.

We do not recommend!


Ep.50: We’ve hit 50! Let’s Talk About Will Smith

We’ve hit the 50th episode! Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith recently talked about their marriage, and it was awesome.

Ep.48: Banksy Contentment

Banksy is a crazy graffiti artist whose latest stunt makes me smile. Could he help instill contentment into our marriage?

Ep.47: Basically an Add for Stitch Fix – Part 2

Michael looses his phone before heading out to DJ a wedding. And we finish our conversation from last week’s episode about keeping the most time available for your inner lights to shine more often.