Ep.62: A Woman’s Beauty – Part 2

We revisit last episode’s topic to hash through ideas surrounding the controversial topic of women’s beauty.

Ep.65: A Woman’s Beauty

Michael rants about yoga pants. And what is attractive to a man?

Ep.64: Christopher Robin Grew Up

He’s an old wrinkled man! How can we keep the fire for life once had?

Ep.63: Worthless Perfectionist

Our personal stories behind why we judge and shouldn’t be perfect!

Ep.62: Vulnerable Cuttlefish

The world tells us not to be vulnerable, yet it’s essential to have relationships, one thing we absolutely need.

About the photo:
© Hans Hillewaert
Cuttlefish at Nausicaä Centre National de la Mer, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
CC BY-SA 4.0
Created: 16 March 2008

Ep.61: A Day of Rest & Father Adam

Sundays, a day to relax, celebrate, and be holy. We talk with Father Adam about rest, something we all need.

Ep.60: I Resent You

We’ve never cried so much while watching a movie, and resentment rears it’s ugly head.

Ep. 59: Just a Hallmark Father

Fathers just there for the good moments? Also, new goals for the year!

Ep.58: Josh & Cruz Hawrot – Roses and Thorns, Part 2

Today, we finish our talk with friends, Josh and Cruz Hawrot. They had us thinking about and analyzing our relationship over the past two weeks. They are a great couple to listen to!

Ep.57: Josh & Cruz Hawrot – Roses and Thorns, Part 1

We couldn’t be more honored to talk with our friends, Josh and Cruz Hawrot. They’ve inspired our relationship, and we hope they do the same for you!