Ep.48: Banksy Contentment

Banksy is a crazy graffiti artist whose latest stunt makes me smile. Could he help instill contentment into our marriage?

Ep.47: Basically an Add for Stitch Fix – Part 2

Michael looses his phone before heading out to DJ a wedding. And we finish our conversation from last week’s episode about keeping the most time available for your inner lights to shine more often.

Ep.46: Basically an Add for Stitch Fix

Can a housewife pay someone to clean their house? Time is valuable and we often act without knowing why. What gifts do we share with the world and how do we spend our time? Also, Michael’s Stitch Fix referral code is: michaelmccabe1  If you use it, we’ll both get $25 off towards our next order!

Ep.45: A Priest’s Thoughts on Scandal

We got to listen to a priest talk about the recent PA grand jury report. Megan discusses what was said and her thoughts on the matter.

Ep.44: Stay-at-Home Mom!

Megan felt an overwhelming urge to stay home with Hazel Belle. After determining we could survive on one income, she left work to officially become a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Ep.43: The Good and Bad

Hazel Belle’s Baptism! And somehow we end up talking about Elon Musk, Paul McCartney’s new album, and more sex talk!

Ep.42: Trust Falls with God

We don’t know what to do regarding sex and intimacy, postpartum.  After having Hazel Belle, the NFP method is very hard to use.  But maybe we need to stop worrying and just trust the Lord.  There are no real answers in this episode, just Meg and me discussing what to do.

Ep.41: Bad Facebook, Bad!

Meg wanted to be the “perfect” mom, and she is.  But she’s not praying and reading as much as she thought she would.  Instead, she’s on Instagram and Facebook all the time.  What should be done?

Ep.40: Good in the Catholic Church

I know, there is a lot of crap going on in the Catholic Church. But there is also beauty that needs protected. Today, we ponder just a snippet of glory that keeps the Catholic church alive.

Ep.39: Parenting Under a Rock!

We started reading “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” by Meg Meeker.  We are now scared about how much garbage the world is going to throw at our little girl as she grows.  Today, we’ll look at a couple popular sites for young girls and see what it is they see.  Ughh.