Ep.35: Community Breast Milk Magic

Meg is smearing so much breast milk on Hazel Belle’s face! But the way we see it, Megan offering breast milk to her is very similar to building a community. Both are very important!

Ep.34: Divorce, Stop Saying its 50%

I know, I know… 50% of marriages end in divorce. But it doesn’t mean YOUR marriage has a 50% chance of failing. What you do and how you live your life dramatically increases your chance of marital success.

Ep.33: Megan’s Unexpected Hospital Stay

Meg, Hazel and I spend three days in the hospital and try to take solace in a message from above.

Ep.32: Together We Can Do So Much

Raccoons climbing buildings and Paul & John singing, “She loves you, yes, yes, yes”, today’s episode explores the supreme benefit of working together.

Ep. 31: Hazel Belle’s Birth & Father’s Day

What more could we say?  We are filled with such love and joy, and there’s no better way to spend my first Father’s Day.  It’s been a lot of work already, and much more to come.  I have such a new respect for mothers and fathers everywhere, and I’m sure that will only keep growing.

Ep. 30 : Megan’s Catholic Backstory

Well, we did my Catholic backstory last week, so let’s hear from the queen this week!

Episode 29 : Michael’s Catholic Backstory

Today, we add our Catholic faith to this podcast. Much will still stay the same, including our love of finances, but we’d like to add this part of our lives in order to be more authentic in our conversations and topics. Enjoy!

Episode 28 : Credit Cards (Part 5) – Perks and Points

Everyone loves credit card points and perks, except a select few smart and savvy individuals, and that would be us! Haha, I’m just playing, but, points are widely loved and used, so we need to talk about some of the pitfalls of points and perks.

Episode 27 – One Year Anniversary and the Royal Wedding

Wow, one year of marital bliss! And why not say bliss? Everywhere else people seem to only talk about the downsides of marriage. Nope, not here. I’m happy with my wife and hope for many more years to come! Also, a famous hairy red-head gets married!

Episode 26 – Food is My Love Language (& Thoughts on Motherhood)

Megan rides solo on this episode, and I love her for it! She talks about food being her love language, and about motherhood, which is appropriate for this Mother’s Day weekend!