Ep.44: Stay-at-Home Mom!

Megan felt an overwhelming urge to stay home with Hazel Belle. After determining we could survive on one income, she left work to officially become a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Ep.43: The Good and Bad

Hazel Belle’s Baptism! And somehow we end up talking about Elon Musk, Paul McCartney’s new album, and more sex talk!

Ep.42: Trust Falls with God

We don’t know what to do regarding sex and intimacy, postpartum.  After having Hazel Belle, the NFP method is very hard to use.  But maybe we need to stop worrying and just trust the Lord.  There are no real answers in this episode, just Meg and me discussing what to do.

Ep.41: Bad Facebook, Bad!

Meg wanted to be the “perfect” mom, and she is.  But she’s not praying and reading as much as she thought she would.  Instead, she’s on Instagram and Facebook all the time.  What should be done?

Ep.40: Good in the Catholic Church

I know, there is a lot of crap going on in the Catholic Church. But there is also beauty that needs protected. Today, we ponder just a snippet of glory that keeps the Catholic church alive.

Ep.39: Parenting Under a Rock!

We started reading “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” by Meg Meeker.  We are now scared about how much garbage the world is going to throw at our little girl as she grows.  Today, we’ll look at a couple popular sites for young girls and see what it is they see.  Ughh.

Ep.38: We Can’t do Everything

Meg and I need to reflect on the message: “You are enough, and you can’t do everything”.  If we forget this, we’re likely to drive ourselves insane!  But that’s true for everyone.  Let the floor stay a mess if it means you have time to complete what’s actually important to you, what ever that may be.  We can be great at a few things, and that’s enough!!!

Ep.37: House Purchase – 100% Down or Bust!

Yes, we are not giving up. We will work hard, not spend, stop our 401k, anything to reach one of our dreams of buying our first house in cash!

Ep.35: Community Breast Milk Magic

Meg is smearing so much breast milk on Hazel Belle’s face! But the way we see it, Megan offering breast milk to her is very similar to building a community. Both are very important!