Episode 13 : 3 Surpising Blessings of Being a Side-Hustle Couple

Millenials, you’re doing a great job!  Out of every four, one Millenial has a side-hustle!

Now that Megan and I are hanging out with more couples, I noticed a lot of our couple-friends have side-hustles too.  And I can tell you from experience, being in a side-hustle couple carries many blessings.  Even many industry greats like Steve Jobs had someone close that complimented them.

Business leaders often say the following to express the importance of teamwork:

“Did you know one Draft Belgium horse can pull up to 8,000 lbs?  So you may think that two placed side-by-side could pull up to 16,000 lbs, but this is false.  Two Draft Belgium horses, placed together, untrained, can pull up to 24,000 lbs!  And if you train them, they can pull up to 32,000 lbs!  That’s twice as much as you’d expect!”

I feel like a Belgium Draft horse when I’m around Megan (this sounds weird).  We bring out a level of achievement in each other not recognized on our own.  Why does home field advantage exist?   It’s because even a relationship between a team and its fans offer great benefits.

Ecclesiastes 4:9

“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor”

The first blessing of being in a side-hustle couple is we’re more likely to do the side-hustle.  I’m entrepreneurial in spirit, but it wasn’t until I was with Megan that I started making progress.  Guys feel self-esteem through filling up our scorecards with accomplishments.  I often found myself motivated to accomplish my next task, and then show it proudly to Megan, who made me feel like her hero.  And when Megan had the realization she could make religious jewelry, it was me who got her the tools for Christmas.  She tells me she didn’t have the confidence to start it on her own, but me believing in her and supporting her made it happen.

The second blessing is more strengths are brought to our side-hustle.  I am a natural creative, big-picture type thinker, Megan is not.  I have a hard time realizing not all people have my specific strengths.  And I quickly started seeing the strengths specific to Megan.  She is a wonderful implementer.  If she knows what needs done, she can provide the time necessary to do it.

She is also more relational than I am.  She doesn’t believe she is a good seller, but you should see how well she does!  When selling bracelets and rosaries to women, her sweet authentic spirit radiates a beautiful story she believes in, and the women are happy to buy from her since they relate to her.  Me, I’m not as good as Megan.  I’ll start by saying, “The materials are all stainless steel which makes them stronger, and unlikely to rust”, and that’s when the ladies walk away.

If I were creating a coloring book, I would enjoy doing the market research to figure out who the coloring book would be for.  I would enjoy figuring out who could manufacture it for us, and would draw the outlines of the pictures inside the book.  But Megan would be the beautiful color that fills up the pages to bring it to life.  She is the meat and potatoes that adds substance.  And I’m okay with this, because I love bringing beauty to the world.  Our strengths really work well together.

Third, we have a much stronger WHY, together!  When I was single, I knew I wanted to be rich.  But that’s a crappy WHY.  Your WHY gives you the reasons to pursue a goal with passion and intensity.  It is the clear vision you see for your future.

Up until I met Megan, it was hard to picture my future in high-definition.  I had no idea how much money I would need to make, and even when that would have to occur.  But I saw everything more clearly once Megan and I started dreaming together.  We would say things like, “In 5 years, we need to grow a business that will bring in $60K/year so that we could have more time with family and kids”.  That is measurable goal we can be passionate about, and it has a completion-date.

But wait, there’s one more blessing!  You and your partner will grow much closer together!  You will naturally start to relate in more ways as your life-stories will become more intertwined!  I couldn’t have told you about Catholic Saints before I met Megan, but once we started making religious jewelry together, she taught me all about them.  My strong point is building a business, but Megan’s is her faith.  We learned about each other’s strengths while building our business, and now have a stronger relationship with much more to talk about.

Are you and your loved one in a Side-Hustle?  Comment below and let us know what you do!  We’re happy to share our experiences with you, and would love to know any benefits you’ve noticed!